How to improve the well-being of your home?


The small details when it comes to the organisation and cleanliness of our home, although it may not seem like it, make a big difference that affects our wellbeing in our home and, therefore, influences our attitude and energy in our day to day lives. Having a healthy environment in your home will help you feel better and face life in a more positive and enthusiastic way, even if it only helps a little. It is not the same to wake up every morning visualising clutter and mess everywhere, for example, as it is to wake up to find a clean and tidy space, which is your home.

This is one of the examples that we will discuss below to explain a couple of tips that you may not have taken into account and that will help you to feel at ease and at peace in your safe place, in your home.

  1. Prioritise cleanliness

It seems obvious, but sometimes we overlook it or don't give it the priority or importance it deserves. Keeping your home clean will help to improve stress and air quality. A tip for this would be to create a schedule that fits in with your work, routines or activities that you can follow, to be regular in keeping your home clean and tidy. I know that sometimes, even if you try, there is not much desire to clean or unforeseen events arise that prevent you from doing it following the schedules you set for yourself (and that is not why we should be obsessed with cleaning), but even so I encourage you to be as regular as possible, you will see that the change will be noticeable.

  1. Greening your home

Incorporating plants and greenery into the decoration of your home helps our mood in a positive way, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can add both flowers and plants. If you are a responsible person and you dare to buy a real plant, it will also help to purify the air and improve its quality and your own well-being, influencing your mood and that of your guests or family members. Another option if you are not a plant lover is to use artificial, plastic plants or flowers. Just by having greenery in the room and a bit of colour, you will notice the difference, as it creates a cosier atmosphere in which to feel more at ease.

On the other hand, using natural materials such as wood and stone in your decoration will influence your well-being in the same way as plants.

  1. Good ventilation and lighting.

If you have the option of having windows that let in as much natural sunlight as possible, this is ideal. Having your home lit with natural light influences you and your mood in a quite remarkable way, as opposed to artificial light which is less helpful in making you feel in a warm and cosy home. Being inside your four walls without fresh air and natural light is not bad, but the other option creates a very different atmosphere that might make you feel better. I encourage you to try it, is it the same or do you notice the difference?

  1. A more welcoming home.

Using warm colours in your home, making use of blankets, comfortable cushions for sofas, beds and chairs or using warm and soft lighting, as we have mentioned before, helps a lot to create a more relaxing, calm and cosy atmosphere in which to feel at home and at ease. Opting to add a touch of colour to your décor will give your home a new look and give some colour to your everyday life, you'll see what a change it will make!

  1. Electronic devices away from your room.

It may seem silly, but it is important to be careful with technology at bedtime, as it can negatively interfere with our health, energy and performance in our daily lives.

Electronic devices emit blue light, which can interfere with our heart rate and affect the quality of our sleep. It is therefore advisable to keep them away from the space where we sleep and try not to use them before bedtime or have them switched on near you. You can also consider turning off your devices an hour or so before bedtime to switch off and relax your mind, preparing it for sleep. This time can be spent on more relaxing activities such as meditating or reading a book.

Find a balance between your physical and mental health and technology, it makes a difference!

Even the smallest detail influences our daily lives psychologically and physically in many different ways. So I encourage you to think about how you have your home and your routines, to see where you can improve and look a little more at yourself and your wellbeing.

I hope these 5 tips have given you some help and a bit of guidance to start rethinking your lifestyle and adapting it to your tastes and needs!