According to designers, industry leaders and experts, these 5 trends are quite common in 2023. They might catch your eye and you might want to bring these styles into your home. Let's take a look at them!

1) White kitchens are in vogue

This colour has gone viral again in kitchens, being one of the favourite colours, since this colour creates a great sensation of spaciousness, being a neutral and reflective colour that helps to achieve this effect. A white kitchen with a good distribution and decoration, can make the house gain many points in terms of elegance and brightness.

 2) Stone as a star material

This material has not been present in decorative proposals for a long time. However, in 2023 they are back on the podium to change the atmosphere of the house, achieving a different and modern style.

You can opt for granite surfaces for medas or luxurious finishes or for example in decorative details with sintered or natural stone.

3) Craftsmanship is back

The El Corte Inglés craft fair was a great success, demonstrating the return of the handmadeand even more so in our country, Spain.

You can use these decorative elements in your home, such as vases, vintage structures or handmade textiles (such as crochet)... Try it, you might end up liking it more than you thought!

4) Curved furniture

Curved sofas and armchairs are nothing new these days, but such shapes are spreading to all areas of the home. According to Matthew Currington, technical director at The Lighting Superstore, "softer edges are a great way to add dimension to your space".

Another way to follow this trend is to invest in a round carpet, what are you waiting for?

5) Natural decoration

Decorative elements and furniture made from natural materials add a lot to the ambience and environment of your home.

White kitchen, curved elements, natural decoration.... If these 2023 trends catch your eye, don't hesitate to invest in them to achieve a style in which you feel comfortable and can say the famous phrase: "home sweet home".