Here are some tips that will help you to save money on your electricity bill.

Make the most of the sunlight

It seems very logical, but it is something that not many people take into account. Whenever you can, either by the orientation of your house and the light inputs you have, try to make the most of this unlimited light source. You will definitely notice the change with this in mind.

Make good use of your appliances

Making good use of your electrical appliances is essential for saving electricity.

For example, when it comes to washing machines, if you fill them to the maximum and set them at 40 degrees instead of 60 degrees, you will save up to 55% on your electricity bill! These are small details that ultimately allow us to save a significant amount of electricity over the course of the year.

Turns off the light when leaving a room

It is an unnecessary consumption of light that can be easily avoided if we pay a minimum of attention to it. It is quite common to leave the lights on when we leave a room to go to another corner of the house, turning these lights off when we leave them will make a noticeable difference, I assure you.

Use of energy-saving light bulbs

These energy-saving bulbs are a very considerable source of savings compared to incandescent or traditional bulbs.

Use timers

You can use them to switch your appliances on or off at a certain time, for example, when you get up or turn them off when you go to sleep.

Avoid silent consumption

Unplugging electronic devices that we are not using, or completely switching off those with that little red light, can save us up to 10% on our monthly bill.

Maintain an adequate temperature in your home.

It is advisable to keep your home between 19º and 21º in winter and between 24º and 26º in summer. With the right ventilation and clothing you can avoid that degree of more or less that can mean a significant increase in your electricity consumption and therefore, in your expenses.

Make sure you have the right tariff.

Every house is unique, so electricity tariffs must be adjusted to its particularities.

I'm sure you didn't have all these tips in practice, so what are you waiting for?

We hope we have been helpful!