How to renovate your home without too much hassle?

Even we recognise it, it can be a real headache to reform our house, even reforming a bathroom or reforming a kitchen can even piss off our cat. Obviously we have several options when it comes to renovating our house. Among others, we can pick up the hammer and happily start hammering without rhyme or reason, pray a couple of Our Fathers every night before going to sleep, pray to Saint Anthony of Padua (Patron Saint of bricklayers) who may work a miracle and teach us the profession. Another option is to search specialist by specialist until we find each of the professionals we need to carry out the work and try, as best we can, to coordinate them in order to get the job done (and yes, in many cases we will have to pray).

The most common, cheapest, flexible and effective option is to have a team of professionals guide you through the process and take care of absolutely everything.

... What about doubts?

Oh the doubts! One of the thousands that we ask ourselves when we start the renovation is whether it is really worth doing it as a whole or to renovate by rooms. Obviously, we are aware that we will always-always-always-have a budget in mind. Based on this we will then decide whether to do it all at once or separately. One of the things we have to be very clear about is the fact that renovating a house is not only costly but also stressful, especially if we live in the house. In many cases it makes sense to carry out the work as a whole, for example, when changing the floors in a room.

Another important question is design. Be careful, not all companies can advise you on this and, on many occasions, if you are going to start making changes in the distribution, the advice of an expert in interior design can be fundamental, above all when it comes to making the most of the constructed metres of the property.

And what is one of the most important points?

In order to be well organised, we recommend that you put down on paper the project you have in mind. Don't start asking for quotes without a clear idea of what you want to do and don't start looking for materials or decoration without first having a clear idea of what you want to do. The most important part of this is to ask ourselves the question: What do I need (which is quite different from what do I want)? Let us explain: Wanting when carrying out a reform can suppose to very important changes in the budget and, if we think in hot, we can waste on the one hand and cut on the other that perhaps is more important. It is important, very important, that we have this part clear and the need is always covered in principle and, once this is done, we can get a little more exclusive.

Another important point is lightingDo you know which way your home faces, which way the bedrooms face, and which way the living room faces? This will play a major role in the lighting in your home. If your house is facing north it will not enjoy as much light as one facing south, so it may be important to choose the right size of windows to make the most of daylight. With this in mind it will be important to make a study of artificial light points in order to counteract the corresponding shortage of natural light.

And the size of the rooms. In many cases, size matters, and in others, not so much... Some people pay much more attention to the space in the dining room than others and vice versa. How important is the size of that toilet on the main floor when the study room next to it is really more important?

And check the proportions! Beware that some of us can be a bit over the top when it comes to buying sofas. Will you be able to fit that big sofa you have in mind to watch films every Sunday in your living room? The American refrigerator really fits in the space you have in mind for the kitchen. It is important to be clear that when you renovate a house you are playing with a limited space (no matter how big it is) and that you have to furnish it according to the space you are going to have.

Once you have the needs covered and have the budget in mind then select the materials you think are suitable. Again, let us advise you. Most of us mortals are not born with a manual for <> and have to be advised by our professional.. It is important then to give value to those furniture, floors, walls, lights, windows, etc., etc. that we believe convenient. The more you spend, the better it is. However, as with living space, the vast majority of us have a limited budget, so we will have to prioritise the items we think are most important.

Oh, and the most important part ....

Don't be hasty. Mature the idea, look for options. Doing a complete renovation of your home is something you don't do every day, so you need to think long and hard before getting down to work.